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Smarty Puzzle Pytagora: a simple and addicting game with 4 difficulty levels.

The youngest (4-6 years old) learn the numbering using only the pieces from 0 to 9, while from the age of 6 the first operations are introduced with the pieces with additionand subtraction.

From the age of 8, multiplicationand divisionare also used and finally … children and adults can challenge each other with even more complex equalities, introducing brackets, powers, roots, fractionsand decimal numbers.


  • 252pieces of puzzle,with numbers and operators

  • 2 wooden dice

  • 1 bag made of fabric

  • 1 instruction manual


Download the rules of Smarty Puzzle Pytagora

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Smarty Puzzle Pytagora ENG

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Use the puzzle pieces available to compose the longest equation you can, or to sort the numbers in ascending order … but beware of the special die, which makes every turn different!

Smarty Puzzle Pytagora is perfectly suited to different age groups and is equally fun for both the little ones and the older ones.

Pytagora belongs to the Smarty Puzzle family. A set of games based on the use of puzzle pieces to compose sentences, words or mathematical equality.

The puzzle pieces are all the same and made of a spongy material, which makes them very functional and allows you to play everywhere, without just a light tap on the table to cause the game to end.

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Rules of the game


• 252 pieces of puzzle, with numbers and operators
• 2 wooden dice
• 1 fabric bag
• 1 instruction manual


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