CreativaMente ToKalon was born 3 years ago together with the teachers of the Associazione ToKalonM.I.U.R accredited training institution, that for more than 10 years has been experimenting with games as a daily tool for teaching.

The purpose of this project is to affirm the educational value of the game and to spread its conscious use in teaching.



Playing at school:

  • favors the development of a positive attitude towards the discipline studied;
  • improves relations within the class group;
  • increases familiarity with the elementary concepts of the discipline at stake;
  • values the freedom to make mistakes;
  • increases self-esteem;
  • allows learning by discovery;
  • teaches cooperation and teamwork;
  • allows you to face fatigue to obtain a result more serenely;
  • educates to respect the rules (playing is a “serious thing”);
  • educates to the knowledge of the other: listening to his ideas, respecting his times, observing his “strategies”.

Playing in school has an added value for everyone, for young and old. In the world of children, this is immediate to understand. For older students it is an opportunity to find a different key to solving problems, a key that abstraction cannot give. After a certain age, in fact, children no longer have the opportunity to experiment with the playful approach at school. CreativaMente ToKalon wants to rediscover this approach even for older children. It is no coincidence that manipulative questions are more difficult for secondary school students than primary school students.

The game also constitutes a highly effective possibility for the teacher to help him enrich and vary his teaching approaches. It is, in fact, important and necessary for educators and teachers to learn to offer a variety of approaches to classroom teaching. Variety frightens, but neither tires nor confuses the students, but favors a rhythm in which interest is awake, it allows to foresee more intense moments and moments of rethinking, elaboration, rest.