We are a team of enthusiastic and passionate people. We believe in our games and we work to entertain young and grownups. Let’s get to know each other better…

Emanuele Pessi is the head of CreativaMente, author of most of our games. Graduated in Information Sciences, he has worked for many years in the field of information and communication technologies. In 2002 he decided to follow his greatest passion, giving life to CreativaMente.

Clara Fadda takes care of our headquarters, managing everything related to safety and taking care of the comfort of our 2 warehouses. Graduated in Architecture, she collaborated for many years with Il Sole 24 Ore before dedicating herself full time to CreativaMente.

Annalisa Benaglia manages all the administrative and accounting part of CreativaMente. Graduated in Languages ​​and always employed in the management field, she is responsible for all information of economic and administrative nature that enters and leaves the company.

Davide Masato deals with Marketing and Communication. Graduated in Communication Design and, above all, always passionate about board games, he creates campaigns and their contents, manages our website and social profiles, keeping in touch with our external collaborators.

Domenico Monforte is our Art Director. He takes care of the concept and graphics of all our games and is also the Marketing and Communication Manager. With more than twenty years of specific experience in the gaming sector, he fills our catalog with new and always original ideas.

Ernesto Celano is the Warehouse and Production Manager. IT expert, he plans the production of all our boxes, manages all the finished products and all the components of our warehouse that are used to assemble the games and deals with the fulfillment of orders.

Giuliano Cerizza is responsible of our Customer Care. After years of experience in the financial sector, he landed in CreativaMente, ready to answer with precision and speed to any question or need of our customers.

Luca Cappello is the Sales Manager and works with our Customers. Always in the sales field, he holds the reins of our commercial network and works daily in the field with all our customers in the north-eastern area of ​​the Peninsula.

Luca Leonetti takes care of the warehouse and production. He is, for now (!), the youngest of the group. He is very precise in assembling all the components of the different games. It also takes care of preparing and managing shipments.

Luigi Regoliosi is the Scientific Director of CreativaMente ToKalon. All training proposals and projects relating to the School have to pass through him. Professor of Mathematics, adjunct professor for the course of “Institutions of Mathematics” at the Department of Education of the University of Roma Tre, president of Associazione ToKalon, director of the competition Matematica Per Tutti and author of our Smarty Puzzle Pytagora.


Marco Ippolito is co-author of many of our games. Graduated in Communication Sciences, after the first years in the field of information technology and service innovation, since 2009 he has merged passion and creativity by inventing games.

Monica Motta manages orders and takes care of the purchasing and management of our many suppliers. She is graduated in Languages ​​and she is in love with Russian literature, she has always worked in the commercial field. She manages our customers before, during and after the shipment.

Simone Netti takes care of our customers. He began his career in the book distribution field, specializing in children’s publishing, before moving on to games. He is the one who manages the customers in the north-western area up to Emilia Romagna.

Stefano Giachi deals with the sale of our games to customers in central Italy. Graduated in Law, he knows many languages. After 3 years of collaboration with the UN, he completely changed the field, dedicating himself to commercial.

Tommaso Biassoni deals with shipments to all our Italian customers: game stores, bookstores and private customers. He arranges shipments carefully so that our games can reach all our customers “safe and sound”.

Valerio Licata is the owner of the shop CreativaMente in Turin. With his passion and enthusiasm he brings CreativaMente’s games (and not only) into the homes of many families.

Simona and Marco are the owners of the shop CreativaMente in Milan. Their motto is “Creativity is contagious, pass it on!” (A. Einstein)