È tutta un’altra storia!

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A journey through history … to build your story!

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With È TUTTA UN’ALTRA STORIA! you must build your story by first conquering the Character and Event cards that make up your objective.

To win the cards you have to travel between the different historical eras and face the challenge indicated by the arrow of time from time to time, answering a question about the era or challenging an opponent. But to win you must first travel to the future!


  • 1 game board
  • 95 cards with descriptions of characters and events
  • 10 objective cards
  • 115 cards with 920 questions
  • 1 magnifying glass
  • 1 spinning arrow
  • 4 colored wooden pawns
  • 1 instruction manual


Download the rules of È tutta un’altra storia!

È tutta un’altra storia! ITA

The game board of È TUTTA UN’ALTRA STORIA!, with the time line in the shape of a circle, is divided into 8 historical eras, with 8 different colors.

The goal is to conquer the cards of 5 characters or historical events, but in order to win you need to travel to the Future first!

Use the special magnifying glass (the ludo-temporal viewer) to discover characters like Mucho Calor: the first Mexican astronaut who will circumnavigate the sun!

È TUTTA UN’ALTRA STORIA won the Best of Show: Side Award, for the Best Educational Game at Lucca Comics and Games in 2010

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