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AVAILABLE ONLY IN ITALIAN. 252 words to combine and fit together to build the longest and most fun sentence possible. Each player has a set of puzzle pieces to build a sentence with, it can be fun but it must respect grammar!

The first version of Parolandia was the first game published by CreativaMente, indeed the game thanks to which CreativaMente was born.


  • 252 puzzle pieces, each with a word of the Italian language, colored according to the grammatical category
  • 2 wooden dice: NUMBER die and ACTION die
  • 1 cotton bag for the puzzle pieces
  • 1 instruction manual


Download the rules of Parolandia

Parolandia ITA

For the material of the puzzle pieces we chose EVA, a spongy material, joined with a printed sheet. In this way the various pieces, which are detached and attached many times, unlike the classic puzzles, have the right strength to withstand all matches.

Colored Grammar:
The color of the pieces, 8 different, allows players to recognize the various grammatical categories. Some symbols also show the masculine or feminine gender for nouns, and the present or pasttense for verbs.In this way it will be very easy to teach children how to construct sentences correctly, using the colors and symbols on the pieces.

For the older players, however, this is a great help to find their way around the many pieces on the table.

Parolandia belongs to the Smarty Puzzle family. A set of games based on the use of puzzle pieces to compose sentences, words or mathematical equality.

The puzzle pieces are all the same and made of a spongy material, which makes them very functional and allows you to play everywhere, without just a light tap on the table to cause the game to end.

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