CreativaMente is a company that deals with the design, production and marketing of boxed games, withthe goal of involving adults and children by offering fun and learning opportunities.

Our philosophy is summed up in the manifesto “Ludo ergo sum” (I play therefore I am): for us the game is in fact a real tool for personal growth and socialization, that can help us improve not only individual but also interpersonal skills.

For almost 20 years we have been designing and developing games suitable for different age groups and dedicated to many fields of knowledge. From mathematics to history, from English language to geography, from art and science to grammar, foreign languages ​​and yoga: our games allow you to experience fun moments and at the same time to learn and discover new things.

In fact, these are playful activities that stimulate the creativity, intelligence and imagination of children, providing them with a real antidote to isolation and helping them to (re) discover their physicality thanks to real and genuine involvement.

We personally follow every single phase of game development: from the first idea to the involvement of experts in the discipline, from the manufacture of the first prototypes to the play-tests with test matches involving young and old, from the choice of materials to the selection of the best suppliers, always and rigorously Made in Italy.
The components of all our games are in fact made with quality materials and are produced in Italy, with the involvement of local companies, in the logic of farm-to-table products.
The assembly of the components and the packaging of each individual box is done directly in our factory.

Our catalog also includes games from other publishers, which we have chosen because they fully embrace our philosophy of intelligent and educational gaming:

  • Milaniwood‘s design, originality, quality and made in Italy: colorful buildings, intriguing and educational board games … and the splendid line of games-and-furniture, with dominoes and shanghai that become bouquets of flowers;
  • the books of the two series Bambino Lük (from 2 to 5 years) and Mini Lük (from 5 years), produced by us under the exclusive license of the German publishing house Westermann Lernspielverlag, which designed them more than fifty years ago;
  • the originality of AladinE decorative and creative kits: exclusively from France, lots of stamps and colors for all ages and other products to stimulate children’s imagination and artistic skills;
  • the manual skill of Mosaikit mosaics, with the possibility of creating a real mosaic with all the necessary tools and with natural stone tiles hand-cut by mosaic experts, with various figures for different sizes;
  • the originality and creativity of Crayon Rocks: soy stones, a non-toxic, biodegradable and renewable material, for drawing, coloring and writing, also suitable for children thanks to their shape that trains them to learn the right way to hold the pen.

From our headquarters in Concorezzo (MB) we distribute the products in the catalog directly and without intermediaries, carefully selecting the points of sale such as bookstores, stationery shops, toy shops and museum bookshops.

Our new challenge is called CreativaMente Tokalon, for bringing back the passion of teaching. We want teachers to rediscover the usefulness of the board game also from the didactic point of view, in a dynamic approach in which the teacher becomes teacher and student at the same time, because he learns and discovers together with his students.

For companies

We specialize in the development of new game concepts that we tailor-made for other companies, leveraging our twenty-year know-how in game design to help the companies to communicate their brand through the Game tool.

For example, we have developed games for:

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