Giro Giro Mondo

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The game to learn the geography of the world … making lots of friends!

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AVAILABLE ONLY IN ITALIAN. The purpose of Giro Giro Mondo is to meet new friends, each from a different continent, and be the first to return to your home continent with them, reciprocating the hospitality received.

The game is based on the real principle according to which, in order to make friends, one must know their places of origin, customs and culture, through a joyful journey of comparison and hospitality.


  • 1 giant game board
  • 65 wooden pawns
  • 130 large format cards
  • 1 instruction manual


Download the rules of Giro Giro Mondo

Giro Giro Mondo ITA

Giro Giro Mondo allows player to discover the countries of the world playing.

This means that no previous knowledge is needed to be able to appreciate the game, indeed the discovery becomes an integral part of the experience that Giro Giro Mondo can offer to players.

While some characteristics of the countries, such as the surface, will be easier for the more attentive player to handle, simply by looking at the game board, others are unlikely to be so intuitive, such as the typical dish, thus putting all players at the same level, without giving too much advantage to the older ones.

About Giro Giro Mondo

Giro Giro Mondo at Expo 2015

Giro Giro Mondo, within Expo Milano 2015, was the official game of Cascina Triulza.

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