Il Gioco della famiglia GBR

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From the imagination of the most playful family on the web that meets the educational and playful experience of CreativaMente, the first official game of the GBR Family is born.

The game is very simple, and it is based on 30 different and enjoyable challenges, that can be played in a very short time.

Some of the challenges should be played at home, because they need to use typical objects such as spoons, a napkin, a comb or a pillow. Some others don’t need any additional object, or they just use the components of the game, such as the box, the 2 wooden dice or the 6 wooden thumb pawns


  • 48 cards
  • 2 wooden dice
  • 6 wooden pawns in the shape of a hand
  • 1 instruction manual


Download the rules of Il gioco della Famiglia GBR

Il gioco della Famiglia GBR ITA

You can play the game in two different ways, the former being just to draw one card at a time and to make that challenge: the winner takes the cards and who first wins N cards wins the match.

The latter way is the main game. Besides the 30 challenge cards you also have 15 action cards. You prepare a trial by shuffling challenge and action cards together, in such a way that the game is always different from one match to another. The action cards (e.g., safety car) give fun and rhythm to the game.

Until the first player reaches the finish line you never know who will be the winner!

48 cards

2 wooden dice

6 wooden pawns

In the GBR Family (in Italian “Giochi per Bambini e per Ragazzi”) there are the father Davide, the mother Ale, Nicolò and Matilde.

GBR is a youtube channel for children, families and toy enthusiasts with more than one million subscribers that has also won the 2020 award as the best Family Friendly YouTube channel of Moige (Movimento Italiano Genitori).

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