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AVAILABLE ONLY IN ITALIAN. FONOLANDIA is a game designed to train the child’s phonological competence – his ability to reflect on the shape of words, and to analyze their sound structure – because it is by working on this aspect that an effective prevention is implemented.

In fact, it is proven that there is a strong correlation between language difficulties and learning difficulties, and it is therefore important to “work” on language even before the child is able to read

FONOLANDIA aims to train the child on the phonetic aspect but, since the child is not yet able to read, it becomes necessary to communicate through drawings, which naturally represent words … words to be pronounced aloud.


  • 96 plasticized and spongy puzzle pieces
  • 1 wooden dice with six colored faces
  • 1 instruction manual


Download the rules of Fonolandia

Fonolandia ITA

FONOLANDIA is the first of the games dedicated to reading and writing and is an excellent phonological training, also ideal for enriching the vocabulary.

Each of the 96 puzzle pieces contains an image and the game is based on the association, also verified by the shape of the joint, of words that begin with the same phoneme (eg: PIazza, PInguino, PIscina, PInocchio). The two wild cards stimulate interaction with the other players.

Grazia Rigamonti, speech therapist, author of our games Fonolandia, Sillabandia, Leggolandia,
Questo e Quello
. She conducts several language laboratories for the prevention of language and learning disorders and manages numerous training courses for teachers.

She is a rehabilitation therapist and technical consultant for children, parents and teachers.

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