CreativaMente is a company that designs, produces and sells board games. We offer opportunities of entertainment and learning for adults and children.

Our philosophy is “Ludo Ergo Sum” (I play therefore I am): the game is an instrument of growth and socialization to improve personal and interpersonal skills.

We were born in 2002. We create games for different ages about many elds of knowledge, such as: Math, Logics, Languages, Grammar, History, Geography, Arts, Music, Colors, Ecology, Science, Yoga. Through our games people can live funny moments with friends, but they can also learn and discover new things. Our games inspire creativity, intelligence and imagination, giving the opportunity to spend time all together.

We are a team of enthusiastic people and we follow each step in the development of our games. From the first idea to the engagement of domain experts, from the first prototypes and the play-test, to the selection of best materials and corresponding suppliers.

All components of our games are made in Italy with high quality materials, involving companies in our area, with a farm-to-table approach.
Once the components are delivered to our factory, we assembly the final products within our workshop and stock them in our warehouse.

From our headquarters in Concorezzo (Monza) we distribute our products by carefully selecting the toyshops and the bookstores that will give our games the proper value.

Besides being publishers we are also distributors. We have our own sales network with three sales reps covering the North East, North West and the Center of Italy respectively. They work only for us and therefore they perfectly know our catalog. This is something that differentiates us from other italian distributors.

Another big difference is that we prefer quality over quantity and we made the strategic choice of distributing only few brands. In this way we can manage the distributed products with the same level of care as if they were our own products. These are the brands that we have chosen, because they share our philosophy:

  • Bambino LÜK and Mini LÜK from Germany (2008). Invented by the publisher Westermann fifty years ago, they are based on an easy but exciting idea, that helps the child with a self-assessment mechanism;
  • AladinE from France (2010). Specialized for more than twenty years in professional stamps, they use their long experience to create high quality stamps and creative games for children;
  • Milaniwood (2014). With a team of young designers, they invent wooden toys, games and objects, and produce everything in Italy;
  • Mosaikit from Tunisia (2018). They are a family of creative kits with which you can create your own mosaic. They contain cement and real stones to compose the artifact.
Beside selling to Italian stores, since 2015 we also started to export our games and to sell them to worldwide distributors. Our complete catalog consists of more than 40 CreativaMente designed games. About 20 of them are localized into respective languages and successfully exported in to four Continents.

Our know-how regarding the design and the production of games has led us to develop games for important companies such as: BVLGARI, Grom, Poste Italiane and A2A.

We believe that staying in touch with our community is vital and for this reason we give great importance to social media marketing. We have a dedicated team who promptly answers to all requests and specific questions.
We are indeed very active in terms of events: trade shows, in-store demonstrations, laboratories with children, tournaments with our games and meetings within libraries and schools.

CreativaMente Tokalon is a project whose main goal is to make our games enter the Schools, as well as the clinical/professional settings (educators, speech & language therapists, developmental psychologists) and also libraries or even our children’s bedrooms.





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