Smarty Puzzle Les Mots ont la Parole


Des phrases pour jouer!

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Play with French words and write your sentence by joining  the puzzle pieces.

Each player, who receives his own set of words at the beginning of the game, must create complete sentences with them, adding as many points as there are words in his sentence, plus any bonuses. During each turn new puzzle pieces are drawn, looking at the roll of the dice. The player, who first reaches or exceeds the winning score, wins the game. Note that sentences can also describe unrealistic, unusual and fantasy situations, provided they are grammatically correct. In case of doubt about the meaning of the sentence, the player who composed it must motivate and describe the context and the situation described in his sentence, explaining its meaning.


  • 252 puzzle pieces
  • 2 wooden dice
  • 1 textile bag
  • 1 instruction booklet in Italian (also available in French)


Rules Les Mots ont la Parole_IT

Rules Les Mots ont la Parole _ FR







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