Conta che ti passa – Il prato dei conigli

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AVAILABLE ONLY IN ITALIAN. In the town of Ortino, where lettuce and carrots are always tender and fresh, there is a large meadow populated by many rabbits of all colors: white, black, gray, red and brown…
some running, some standing, and some crouching.

Il Prato dei Conigli is a special box because it contains TWO GAMES, both for a minimum of 2 up to a maximum of 6 players.


  • 1 game board divided into 4 Areas
  • 60 wooden bunnies
  • 55 yellow cards “Conta che ti passa”
  • 55 red cards “Tutti insieme appassionataMente”
  • 2 giant wooden dice
  • 1 wooden Sun pawn
  • 1 bag to contain the bunnies
  • 1 instruction manual with the rules of the 2 games


Download the rules of Conta che ti passa

Conta che ti passa ITA

The two games are identical in rules, content and basic idea, but in reality they are completely different from each other because they use two different decks of cards. In the first case there is the world of simple arithmetic (you just need to know how to count), while in the second they shift the challenge to different aspects of mathematics, from set theory to fractional calculus, but … don’t be scared: playing is easier than you can imagine !!!

Don’t be scared: playing is easier than you can imagine !!!

The 60 wooden bunnies of CONTA CHE TI PASSA come in five colors.

You start with 10 rabbits in each of the 4 Areas of the board. The die indicates the color for that game turn and each player can move a rabbit to play more cards: their 5 cards can be played if the number on the card matches the rabbits of that color in one of the Areas.

Carrot points are counted based on the cards played… until the sun sets!





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