CreativaMente School

Is it possible to learn while playing in Schools and Libraries? Yes, it is!

Professionals can finally use our games as teaching tools, workshops and groups, with the purpose of educating about both contents and behavior, using a different, dynamic and fun approach.
CreativaMente Scuola targets all the professionals in the world of education, child development and inclusion: schools, teachers, libraries, professionals.
This approach to schooling and training will allow us to turn our schools into an innovative and creative environment. To make school… CreativaMente!
CreativaMente Scuola is not just about Playing but it is also about awareness, training and workshops. The basic tenet of all CreativaMente games can be wonderfully conveyed to the child, the family, the teacher and the school with training sessions designed specifically for teachers and professionals, workshops for classrooms, bookshops and libraries and dissemination, the continuous research, sharing of innovative products, methodologies and news from the world of educational games.
After years of game design we decided to address the specific question of how to use games in education.This thought led us to choose Micko Alberti, a Feuerstein mediator and expert in inclusive education, to work on the design of a ”ludic-educational classification” that could give emphasis to the cognitive value of our games. Her research brought us to the birth of the methodology A che gioco giochiamo.
The scientific base of A che gioco giochiamo is taken from the pedagogy of mediation of Reuven Feuerstein from which it takes: the concept of cognitive modifiability, the plasticity of man in continuous evolution in the environment and the fundamental function of mediation.
The main goal of A che gioco giochiamo is not to learn this or that discipline, but it is the harmonic development of the children so that, by playing, they can develop their potential, cognitive, emotional and relational. The board game can be a real gym for the body and the mind, because it gives the chance to form relationships, facing problems, in a controlled environment, in which players can safely expose themselves, experiment with new solutions and attempt hypothesis without compromising their sense of selves.
The analysis of the games of CreativaMente Scuola is aimed at producing a technical document that we called Cognitive Sheet. It is a synthetic and linear framework, for Parents, Teachers and Educators, which highlights the potential of the game analyzing it with the help of our 12 cognitive functions (like motor skill, interiorisation, hypothetical thinking…) without any intention of exploiting or medicalizing the act of playing. Being aware that each science has its own specific vocabulary and that using jargons belonging to different branches of knowledge can be confusing or imprecise, we have defined a glossary for our functions in which the meanings of the single voices are explained, in order to help the understanding of the cognitive sheet also for those who are not familiar with these terms.
Training events, workshops and “ludodidactics” are the tools that CreativaMente Scuola uses to communicate to teachers, librarians and experts in teaching and rehabilitation the value of the game applied to teaching and child development. The experts of our Scientific and Training Team will be available for training sessions in the library, at school or in the shop, teaching both the theoretical skills and ideas for practical activities to be applied to your work.
We have various active events at the moment and many others have yet to come!

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